International career

47 subsidiaries. On all continents. The Miele world is becoming more and more international. What does this mean for our employees within Miele Customer Service? Great opportunities. What you want.

The perquisite: Your personal willingness for an international orientation. That is more in demand than ever.

Internationale Karriere bei Miele

The world of Miele Service

Dive into the world of Miele’s Service Technicians and learn more about our different fields of expertise.

If you are interested in working abroad, need further information or want to apply spontaneously please contact us at the e-mail address indicated above.

For our international job vacancies please visit our global career site 

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Global Employer

Global reputation

Take the opportunity to step into the world of technics at Miele. Our Service Technicians were been given credit for the most trained and skilled technicians in the field service – worldwide.

Our training is designed not only to enhance your technical skills. We also need to have technicians, which can operate in a premium environment with demanding clients and have the stamina to work independently - always eager to exceed the expectations of our clients.



It is you that makes a difference

As a Miele Ambassador, you have a great impact on consumer experience. It is not only your technical skills in electronics and electric, which are a prerequisite in becoming a Service Technician. It is your behavior towards our costumer that makes the difference. We have identified three factors in behaviors: Politeness and Courteousness, Positive Attitude and Professionalism. 

We want to surprise our consumers with courteous gestures of which they do not expect and by being extremely helpful in the most pro-active of ways. Our Service Technicians ensure they adhere to scheduled appointments, display confidence by demonstrating that they are able to resolve any problem. We are experts in what we do and we always keep our promises. 

It is also important to us, that Miele Customer Service has the same appearance worldwide and is visually recognized as representatives of the brand. Our Service Technicians travel with well-equipped service vehicles and professional tool cases. With our first class Miele uniform they are always identified as professional representatives of the premium brand that we are.

We are proud of the fact that Miele Customer Service has been repeatedly honored for their excellence over the years. We regard this as a strong mark of confidence from our consumers in conjunction with a sign of appreciation for our entire Customer Service team


Training by Miele

We make you fit for your job

In order for you to be well positioned for success at Miele from the very beginning, you will begin immediately with systematic and individual on-the-job-training. New employees within the service area are integrated into a well-structured, tailor-made initial induction training program. This teaches them the Miele required knowledge and skills for successfully carrying out their work whilst in accordance with their qualification level and requirements profile. 

If you join Miele as Service Technician, you will undertake an extensive technical training program where you will be taught the technical skills and knowledge specifically required to work on Miele domestic appliances. During this training program, you will work side by side with experienced colleagues to ensure you are confident and competent within a practical and customer environment. 

You will also participate in seminars, which will teach you important soft skills such as communication and customer handling. Our initial training program comprises of several modules that link with each other. This includes technical appliance courses, e-learning units for in-depth knowledge as well as on-the-job training. 

If you join Miele Customer Service at management level such as Head of Contact Center or Head of Field Service, we invite you also to our Headquarters in Germany for initial training and to give you the chance to familiarize yourself with international Customer Service. 

There is one thing you can always count on: Miele will make you fit for your job!



Your path within Miele Service

Miele Customer Service opens up a wide range of individual career and further development opportunities. Either locally or globally.

As a Service Technician, you could aim towards the path of a Field Service Manager or to a higher level, Head of Field Service. As a Field Service Manager, you coordinate the work of your service technician team. You and your team are responsible for observing and working towards service objectives by achieving the agreed key performance indicators. As Head of Field Service, you manage the entire area of Field Service within your country.

As a Technical Manager, you are the technical expert within your subsidiary. You are responsible for all technical issues of Miele appliances. These responsibilities include legal specifications and regulations for appliances (especially in the case of new admissions in the local market) and providing the technicians with required tools and equipment. At larger subsidiaries, there is also the requirement of Technical Training Manager. The Technical Training Manager is responsible for managing the training center and providing basic and further training for field service employees.

Once an experienced professional you may take the opportunity to work abroad. This may be to bridge locally occurring staff shortages, to support a national product launch or to help create / expand the Miele Customer Service areas. In these cases, your deployment can be for several days or for even several years. There are also international projects where we will need specialist employees. This could mean increased travel activity for the duration of the project period or a temporary partial or complete release for a project.

Find out what path is best for you and where you see your personal interests and competencies. Speak with your superior. You will find competent support and many possibilities at Miele.